Ipsen has chosen to focus its therapeutic solutions on genito-urinary tumors ; prostate and bladder. Ipsen is still reinforcing its historical presence in this changing therapeutic area.

Two flagship urology-oncology products

Decapeptyl®: a major player in prostate cancer

Decapeptyl®, a pillar of the Urology-Oncology franchise,  is an analog of GnRH (Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone, a hormone secreted by the hypothalamus). It is primarily indicated for hormonal treatment of locally advanced metastatic prostate cancer.  Decapeptyl® is also indicated in gynecology for the treatment of uterine fibroma, endometriosis, precocious puberty and female infertility (in vitro fertilization). Decapeptyl® is Ipsen’s leading product and is present in 76 countries.

Hexvix®: a major impact on the diagnosis and treatment of bladder cancer

Hexvix is a bladder cancer detection drug. It produces specific fluorescence in tumor cells in the bladder during a cystoscopic procedure (examination of the bladder via the urethra) and thus improves detection and resection of non-invasive tumors.  By sharply outlining the contours of the tumor, the product considerably reduces the risk of an incomplete resection.

Innovators in BC® Program

The use of biomarkers to diagnose bladder cancer has been named the “Innovators in BC® subject of the year” by a large number of experts, as announced during the 29th annual meeting of the European Association of Urology in 2014 in Stockholm. Innovators in BC® (www.innovators-in-bc.com) is an international educational forum for urologists and oncologists created to unite the medical community in the field of bladder cancer. Developed by Ipsen in collaboration with renowned European specialists, it shares best practices, the latest information, experience from clinical practice, and scientific and medical documentation on the pathology. Its content is updated on a regular basis. Innovators in BC® is dedicated to health professionals in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

Personalized medicine

Ipsen has also developed the “3i Pathways” (Identify, Individualize, Improve) urology-oncology program in partnership with the European Association of Urology (EAU) and the French Urological Association (AFU). The initiative includes training for healthcare personnel and an IT tool to support therapeutic decisions according to patient profiles.

Updated on 22 July 2015