Corporate citizenship

Ipsen has a long history of involvement in the community, particularly with associations and charities. Its commitment to citizenship is part of the Group's corporate social responsibility policy.

Promoting health

Mexico: the Candy Foundation

Ipsen supports the Candy Foundation, which aims to help low-income families with children suffering from cerebral palsy. The foundation’s primary objective is to offer medical treatment consisting of botulinum toxin injections. The foundation also offers personalized medical follow-up for families encompassing a range of specialist services such as functional reeducation, physiotherapy or neuropediatrics. More than eighty children were treated by the foundation in Mexico in 2012.

Spain: “e-spasti”

Resolute in its determination to support patients and improve their quality of life, the Group supports innovative health initiatives. Ipsen Spain is taking part in a pilot tele-medicine project in partnership with Sant Pau hospital in Barcelona for patients suffering from spasticity of the lower limbs. The program aims to enhance their quality of life through a daily in-home exercise regime while maintaining contact with their doctor and eliminating the need for hospital visits, except for their Dysport® injection.

France: Tulipe

The Ipsen group is a member of the Tulipe nonprofit organization. Founded in 1982 Tulipe pools medicines donated by pharmaceutical companies in France to meet urgent needs among populations affected by crisis, natural disasters, and conflicts.

South Korea: Dysport® injections

April 2012 saw Ipsen provide more than 60 Dysport® injections free of charge to 40 patients at the Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Center in Seoul, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Daejeon and at Fatima Hospital in Daegu.

Nicaragua Brigadas Urológicas

Every year, since 2007, Ipsen Spain has organized the Brigadas Urológicas mainly in Nicaragua but also in Guatemala and Costa Rica. Spanish urologists are sent to these countries to operate critical cases and train local urologists. Ipsen also contributes by sending surgical equipment used during the procedures. More than 800 surgeries were performed since the launch of the project.

and More…

The Group has also joined forces with a number of different organizations in fundraising or awareness campaigns, such as the blood donation drive organized with the American Red Cross in Milford (MA, US), and the Blue September events in Dublin (Ireland), to raise awareness of cancer prevention amongst men, etc.

Promoting employement of the disabled and social solidarity

France: PHARE

Ipsen launched a program (PHARE) to promote employment of the disabled in France in 2008. The project aims at maintaining employees with disabilities in the workplace, at recruiting employees with disabilities or at outsourcing services to companies employing disabled workers or to sheltered employment centers. The PHARE plan is organized around a network of representatives at each site and aims to raise awareness through targeted campaigns. For example, Ipsen is a partner of “Handivalides” days in France, organized to increase awareness of disabilities in French higher education colleges and universities. The purpose of these initiatives is to:

  • improve perception and understanding of the complexity of disability,
  • promote appropriate behaviors,
  • encourage the development of disability policies.

In addition, Ipsen has created partnerships with two specialist associations to facilitate work-study opportunities for young disabled students.

United Nations “Global Compact”

Ipsen is a member of the UN Global Compact , committing to align its operations and strategy with 10 principles in the area of Human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Becoming a member of the Global Compact means embracing the conviction that commercial practices founded on universally shared principles will contribute to the emergence of a more stable and sustainable global economy as well as prosperous and dynamic societies.

United Kingdom:  Business Community

One day a year, employees at Ipsen’s Slough site in the UK donate their time to offer a helping hand to those in need: gardening for the disabled, renovation of a refuge for women and helping the elderly are some of their ventures.

China: sharing teaching Methods

Ipsen supports the Tianjin Education Assistance Foundation, which offers week-long courses in  Tianjin city for teachers in rural areas. The foundation provides them with the opportunity to refresh their teaching skills, learn modern teaching methods and expand their horizons by assisting teachers in the city’s schools. In 2012, 25 teachers attended the course and returned to their students armed with new knowledge.

Protecting the environment

France : “CyclaMed “

Ipsen supports the Cyclamed program to collect unused medicines returned to pharmacies by patients. Medicines thrown in garbage, in nature or in pipes can pollute waterways and groundwater. The Cyclamed take-back program collects unused medicines and disposes of them in dedicated incineration plants, recovering the energy produced to generate heat and lighting for homes.

France:  Apivigilance

At its Signes site, Ipsen partnered with three companies in the Signes industrial zone to invest in a biosurveillance system using bees as biomarkers of environmental quality. Micro-samples, collected by bees from flowers, rivers, streams and the air, are analyzed to produce daily eco-toxicology assessments and detect the presence of possible pollutants. The Apivigilance project sets out to:

  • assess the environmental impact of companies in the sector,
  • measure the results of environmental policies,
  • specify improvement targets, if required.
Ecuador:  fundación  Jocotoco

In 2012, Ipsen made a two-year commitment to the rainforest conservation charity, the World Land Trust, which is active in protecting the most threatened habitats and improving our understanding of biodiversity. The funds were used by the Jocotoco Foundation to plant 1,600 tropical trees in the Jorupe reserve in the south of Ecuador.

France: Louvre Museum

Ipsen has been a member of the Louvre Museum’s corporate program since 2008 and contributes to funding the world-famous museum and protecting its heritage. In 2007, Ipsen participated in the acquisition of an Egyptian medical papyrus from the New Empire (1550-1050 BC), which was declared a “national treasure”, and sponsored the exhibition, “Meroe, Empire on the Nile”, in 2010. In 2012, Ipsen sponsored the “Belles Heures of Jean de France, Duc de Berry” exhibition, which features 47 individual leaves, considered as masterpieces of book illumination from the 15th  century.

Updated on 26 February 2013